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Providing quality reporting to UK pension schemes

Your investment strategy requires regular monitoring. That’s what we do.

The major difference between us and other providers is our independence, so why is it important?

The line between investment consultant and investment manager continues to blur. All the major consultancies offer some form of delegated investment management service. While these are all professional, there is undeniably a conflict of interest when it comes to reporting on their own performance!

As strategies become more sophisticated and include the use of derivative strategies to control risk, how are trustees to demonstrate the accuracy of their own liability benchmark? In particular, when calculations are provided by their own advisers or manager?

Is independent reporting going to improve my investment strategy?

Yes. Indirectly. You’ll be better equipped to make investment decisions. And be able to demonstrate control of your strategy to the stakeholders.

Our reporting service delivers the information you need when you need it.

Timely Reports delivered within 3 weeks of the quarter end.
Cost effective Efficient process resulting in low costs.
Independent Independent monitoring, of managers and the overall strategy.
Concise Clear delivery of information, putting you in control.
Flexible Bespoke summary page.
Accurate Automatic reconciliation of the valuation and transition reports avoids errors.

Each report focuses on a particular area, “telling it like it is”. This puts you in control of the agenda, enabling meaningful dialogue with advisers and managers.