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Who are finalytic?

Finalytic was founded in 2010 to fill the information vacuum between providers of advice and the monitoring and feedback on the success of that advice.

The finalytic philosophy is all about:

Focus We provide services in as efficient a way as possible. If it can be automated, we automate – leaving our professionals to focus on the bigger picture.
Respecting data Having reliable data is the way to achieve efficiencies - our automated validation systems mean that we spend our time checking genuine areas of concern.
Adding value Making our clients lives simpler is the only way they can be successful.
Straight talk Every report finalytic produces is in a clear, manageable and understandable format. We aspire to be a jargon free company with a focus on plain English.

Finalytic acts in a socially and economically responsible manner. Full details of our environmental policy are available here.

Key people

Damian Mitcham - Head of reporting & analytics

Damian, has over 20 years of investment, pension, and governance experience.

Joanna Spence - Chief Operating Officer

Joanna, who founded finalytic in 2010, has over 15 years of executive and client relationship experience.